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Ellie & Abby


Since we were this little, we’ve been starting sister businesses together. The first was “Sun Trust Bank,” where we took our parents’ money and stored it in shoeboxes under our bunk bed. Next came a series of restaurants in which we fed “mystery soups” to very polite neighbors. All these years later, we launched Easy as Pie in order to share our passion for cooking and baking with other college students. Coming from California, we know how tough it is to go from phenomenal cuisine to Trader Joes frozen meals every night and we realize that many students struggle to find creative but inexpensive ways to cook for themselves. Our catering service and blog is our way of sharing homemade happiness with all those students who want to learn how to tasty home cooked meals on a college budget. If you’d like request the recipes behind any of our pictures please email us at bakemydayplz@gmail.com or post on our Facebook page.


Also, shout out to our littlest sister, Georgia, who is still in High School! We wish you could be in the biz too but we’re gonna bake some lemon tarts in your honor so don’t worry. Do your college apps btw. Love you baby G! **UPDATE: SHE’S GOING TO UC BERKELEY (hopefully she can survive all the hippie food there)**


Mission Statement

To bring homemade, high-quality meals to the students of the University of Michigan. We aspire to deliver home-cooked happiness, through cheesy, meaty, comfort food and raise the standards for college cuisine in Ann Arbor. Our meals are made in large portions and can be frozen so that you can reheat and re-enjoy throughout the week. Our goal is to provide exceptional food for reasonable costs that even the recently financially independent or debt-ridden student can afford.




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2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. i see in my shoutout it says that youll be baking me some lemon tarts? where can those be located. they mustve been lost in the mail….

  2. We’ll make them for you this week George! But you’re only gonna get pictures unless you get your tush out here.

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